Thursday, October 19, 2006

Well Well Well (or actually not..)

Dear Joe, Louis,Tom and Joe

Congratulations on Milburns first album, Well Well Well. I've been following your band for quite a while now and was really looking forward to the release of you album. Imagine my disappointment when I realized that the album is currently only available on the UK iTunes Store....
I know that Denmark may not be top of your list, but making music available on iTunes is fairly easy and introduces no extra distribution costs etc. I could of course go completely grandfather and find a decent record shop and have them order the CD for me. However most shops charge an arm and a leg for this service and it would really bother me to pay a premium to a reseller who doesn't even care enough about music to actually stock your album.
I know that I shouldn't be pointing my guns at you guys, but rather at your label. I'm guessing that your label have signed off their distribution rights to different labels/companies in different countries and whatever stupid company owning the distributing rights in DK cannot be arsed to do anything serious about it because your band is not yet big enough so they don't receive any marketing funding from the parent label...

It's really sad that the world still has to rely on arcane music distribution when there are modern more efficient alternatives available.
Unfortunately I'm too busy to visit your fair island before December so I guess I'll have to wait until then to pop into an HMV a pick up a copy. Good thing is that I may be able to synchronize my trip with your Camden gig!



tilda said...

The Milburns are cool! I'll post the album to you if you want it that bad!

Or you could err use... Some pretty handy file sharing applications to download it free?!

Finray said...

Thanks for the offer, but their DK label miraculously posted the album on iTMS on the very day I posted my rant...Coincidence, divine intervention or something else...?

pink said...

oh fin... soooo pleased to see a milburn supporter somewhere in my blogosphere!

they are fucking wick!